Name and shame those who are engaged in exploiting recent immigrants from India, appeals Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

(caption for the above picture: Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi addressing the local Indian community leaders in Christchurch on February 28)

National List MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of Police, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, is encouraging the Indian community to name and shame those who are engaged in exploiting recent immigrants from India.

In an obvious reference to recent cases of Indian employers and private training establishments taken to task by the authorities for exploiting Indian workers and international students, he noted, “While majority of us [immigrants from India] are law abiding people, I am sad to say that few – some employers and education providers – who are indulging in dubious activities are bringing a bad name to the Indian community. It is also hampering New Zealand's international reputation.”

“The co-ethnic exploitation of migrants is a very pertinent issue in today's New Zealand. And I encourage you all to come out and voice your opinion against it.”

The public meeting, which was organised by Minister and MP for Christchurch Central Nicky Wagner, also saw Singh talking about his journey into politics and his experiences of being in the New Zealand Parliament since 2008.

“While we have good representation at the Central level, the Indian community's involvement at the local level is still lacking. I urge you to motivate our younger generation to be more involved in day-to-day affairs of the places they live in. Join school boards, community boards, local councils, St John's, Fire Service or Civil Defence. Whatever suits. But get more involved.” Bakshi added.