Dear Mr Peters, let Friday be the day that changed your politics

New Zealand and New Zealanders should and must always come first. But please broaden the definition of whom you consider a New Zealander, and how you define New Zealand values. Because you might believe that I don’t adhere to New Zealand values, and that I don’t belong here. But believe you me, I, like you, only have the best intentions for New Zealand. Today, you said in the Parliament that Friday was the "day everything changed in our country". Please let Friday be the day that changed your politics, Sir.

Dear Jacinda and Simon, banning guns is critical, but bridge-building starts in schools

One way to do that is for Ministry of Education to direct schools to start celebrating all major religious festivals in our schools. Religious and community leaders, as well as interfaith societies can do school visits and educate the pupils on what every religion teaches - love for all, and what is the significance of a particular festival. Local governments across the country can also help facilitate that.

-- Let’s just all pray together --

The PM has called it “one of the darkest days in New Zealand’s history”. She also called it “an extraordinary act of unprecedented violence”. We are calling it a terrorist act, as per the New Zealand Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 No 34 (as at 01 March 2017), Public Act 5, which defines a terrorist act as one “carried out for the purpose of advancing an ideological, political, or religious cause, and with the following intention: to induce terror in a civilian population...”.

Editor's note: Exciting times ahead!

We are happy to inform that we have finished analysing the feedback on our last year’s pilot launch of Multicultural Times (MT), New Zealand’s first nation-wide multicultural newspaper. As was the case with our Christchurch-based multicultural newspaper, The Migrant Times (TMT), MT too received innumerable accolades, appreciation and love from all of you.

Get Tsunami Ready

If you are near the coast and feel an earthquake that is LONG or STRONG: GET GONE. A tsunami is a series of waves caused by large earthquakes. All of New Zealand’s coast line is at risk of tsunami. A tsunami wave can grow to become a fast moving wall of water.

Nationwide test of Emergency Mobile Alert on November 25, 2018

The nationwide test is a necessary part of making sure the Emergency Mobile Alert system works well. The nationwide test is sent to cell towers all over New Zealand and we expect approximately three million phones are capable of receiving the alert. Last year we received thousands of feedback submissions from people which helped us evaluate and improve the Emergency Mobile Alert system. The nationwide test will be held on the evening of 25 November 2018 from 6 pm to 7 pm. 

Help shape New Zealand’s National Disaster Resilience Strategy

Have your say about the future of civil defence emergency management in New Zealand. Public consultation on a proposed National Disaster Resilience Strategy for New Zealand is now open.

The strategy sets New Zealand’s vision and long-term goals for civil defence emergency management. It has a strong focus on building community and societal disaster resilience to protect New Zealand’s prosperity and well-being.

Please mail or email submissions to the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management by 5pm, Friday 7 December 2018.

Community celebrates China's 69th anniversary

The 69th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China celebration function was organised by the Auckland Chinese Community Centre on September 30, and was attended by who's who of the Chinese community in Auckland. Also, present were several MPs, ministers, local councillors, and Chinese Consul-General in Auckland, along with visiting members of the People's Liberation Army. 

Litigation lawyers needed

Are you legally trained in Commonwealth countries or talented in client support skills? Do you want to work in a legal firm that offers flexible working hours and balanced lifestyle? Are you multi-lingual or culturally sensitive and able to serve clients from diverse backgrounds? Do you aspire to work with award winning legal team and grow professionally in New Zealand?

What can a JP do for you?

A Justice of the Peace, or simply a ‘JP’, can help members of the community with several things, including: Certifying copies (as true copies); Statutory declarations needed for several applications such as Visitor sponsorship application, Kiwisaver withdrawal application, Citizenship application, Rates rebate application etc.; Taking oaths, declarations, affidavits or affirmations to be used in courts; and Witnessing signatures on documents. These functions are called ‘ministerial duties or functions’.