New Zealand Local Government Elections 2019 - Know your candidates from multicultural communities

As our readers know, your newspaper, Multicultural Times, is all about promoting and bringing to mainstream, everything that is multicultural in New Zealand. And we are delighted that this year’s ongoing local government elections has many candidates from multicultural communities in the fray.

We approached all of them with the intention of profiling them, and seeking answers to the following four questions. (or at least we tried; if you know someone who is left out, please tell them to send their replies to; also, this is a living document which will be updated as and when we receive inputs from candidates nationwide).

  1. Tell us a bit about your (and/or your family’s) New Zealand journey. (in 400 words please)

  2. What motivated/prompted you to stand for local government elections this time? Please also indicate which area/position you are standing for.

  3. What are the issues concerning the area (ward/council/city) you are standing in? (please list four main)

  4. Christchurch mosque attacks changed/or should have changed/ how multiculturalism is viewed in New Zealand. Please share some concrete suggestions on how all of us can work together to make Aoteoroa New Zealand a more diverse, inclusive, and multicultural society.

A lot of the candidates have very graciously replied. We present what they have sent us, without any editing whatsoever. (except spell checks)

This is your potential local government representatives speaking directly to you. We are just the medium connecting you two.

Finally, an appeal.

Voting is now open, and if you haven’t already voted, please do so. A voter turn out, - and that too when it is a postal ballot - of below 50%, is not healthy for a liberal progressive democracy like New Zealand.

We need to collectively change it this time!