Cinema: Japanese film festival at St Margaret’s College between 15-17 March

- presented by Consular Office of Japan, the South Island JET-Alumni Association, the Monbukagakusho Scholarship-Alumni Association and the Japan Foundation

Free admission will give you the opportunity to see three first-rate films at the Japanese Film Festival, which begins at the Charles Luney Auditorium, St Margaret’s College, 12 Winchester Street, Merivale, on Wednesday, March 15.

Spoken in Japanese, with English subtitles, the screenings are open to people of all ages.
All screenings begin at 6.05pm with short cultural films, followed by the feature film at 6.30pm. Please come a little earlier to ensure seating. The films are:

  • Wednesday, March 15: Twilight: "Saya in Sasara", in which a woman’s husband dies in an accident but his restless spirit comes back and possesses other people, so that he can keep helping her and their newborn son.

  • Thursday, March 16: "The Letters" follows the experiences of a man in prison serving a life sentence for a crime he committed to save his brother.

  • Friday, March 17: "Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days", in which an elderly woman develops dementia and her son reluctantly puts her in a nursing home. Surrounded by idiosyncratic elderly residents, the woman’s memories gradually lead her to retrace her past.

- Hans Petrovic