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What can a JP do for you?

A Justice of the Peace, or simply a ‘JP’, can help members of the community with several things, including: Certifying copies (as true copies); Statutory declarations needed for several applications such as Visitor sponsorship application, Kiwisaver withdrawal application, Citizenship application, Rates rebate application etc.; Taking oaths, declarations, affidavits or affirmations to be used in courts; and Witnessing signatures on documents. These functions are called ‘ministerial duties or functions’.

Exercise your democratic right - learn to use OIA and LGOIMA

The OIA and LGOIMA are laws in New Zealand that allow people to ask for official information held by Ministers and central and local government agencies (agencies). These laws set out how agencies should handle requests for information and give a right to anyone not happy with the result to complain to the Ombudsman. 

The OIA applies to information requests made to Ministers and central government agencies. 

The LGOIMA applies to local government information requests, and also sets out rights of access by the public to local government meetings.

Want to learn English? - English Language Partners can help

English Language Partners teach English, but with a difference. We teach English needed for settlement. In other words, we provide the language so people can participate in any way they wish in life in Aotearoa. It’s learning English, and so much more. Our origins with the home tutoring programme are belied by our former name - ESOL Home Tutors. As we explain during the volunteer training, our home tutors become a gateway to New Zealand and can often be the only point of contact a learner might have outside of their own community. 

Do your research when dealing with immigration specialists: NZAMI

Coming to New Zealand as a migrant is a very exciting new challenge, but also a very brave move as you step into a new country with its own unique culture.  You bring with you your own cultural nuances, values and language.  The norms you have known all of your life need adjustment to assimilate into your new homeland, so change is inevitable, otherwise why have you come to this country?

Just because you have stepped into New Zealand, you are entering a new education college without exams.  Unfortunately, until recently insufficient assistance has been available for migrants to understand the changes you need to make so that you can feel at home and welcomed.