Want to learn English? - English Language Partners can help

Want to learn English? - English Language Partners can help

English Language Partners teach English, but with a difference. We teach English needed for settlement. In other words, we provide the language so people can participate in any way they wish in life in Aotearoa. It’s learning English, and so much more. Our origins with the home tutoring programme are belied by our former name - ESOL Home Tutors. As we explain during the volunteer training, our home tutors become a gateway to New Zealand and can often be the only point of contact a learner might have outside of their own community. 

How are we structured

  • Our general English classes are run in community venues across the country, particularly in areas without any other provision of English. Our aim is to reduce barriers so by going to where people are, we capture people who would otherwise miss out on a learning opportunity.

  • To help people who are under-employed, by offering pre-employment and employment courses. This help people find work, or progress in their existing jobs once they feel more comfortable and confident to aspire for roles matching their experience and qualifications.

  • We do resume and cover letter writing for job-seekers as well.

  • We also teach the most culturally appropriate language for attending an interview. Things such as what do Kiwi employers look for, what does confidence look like, what does over-confidence look like, what to say during a meeting etc.?

  • A lot of tools and resources are also shared to try and prevent a lot of the growing migrant exploitation that is coming to light nowadays.

  • We tailor our services to learners’ and business’ needs, to help develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as English and cross-cultural communication. This directly impacts health and safety and productivity in a company.

How can you help
We are always interested in exploring the possibility of developing relationships with businesses, and other organisations to help us cater to newer developing trends as they emerge. We would love to hear from corporates and government agencies  on how we can support them, and vice versa. 

Individuals can also get in touch with us to volunteer, and help new Kiwis find their feet in the land of the long white cloud. 

It’s a great learning curve for our volunteers as well as our learners. An enriching journey indeed. 

-  by Eve Price, who is the manager for the Auckland Central centre of English Language Partners, one of 22 centres across the country. She comes from a multi-cultural and multi-lingual background herself and has been a migrant all her life. With a strong background in English teaching, she has been the manager for three years and is still learning and loving it.

Contact :- 

Eve Price, Centre Manager
English Language Partners Auckland Central
Ph + 64 9 523 0071, 1A York St, PO Box 9320, 
Newmarket, Auckland 1149

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