Women: African women celebrate International Women’s Day in Christchurch

African women from the tip of Africa to the Bottom (in short Cape to Cairo) with their friends, celebrated International Women’s Day at Hornby Work Man’s Club on March 11, 2017.  About 50 Women of different cultures came together for dinner celebrating our oneness as women, and deliberate on how - as women all humanity comes through us - including how we influence behaviour and the character of our children. “Women are the realArchitects of Society” (Cher)

As migrant communities, we are impacted by many challenges such as culture, religion, and language, for example, barriers to information and access to support and social services. Information on sexual health issues that may affect women such asHIV. We encourage women to take control of their own health.

We had two invited guests MP Poto Williams and Nothando Musesengwa who spoke on this year’s International Women’s Day theme “Be Bold”.  MP Poto Williams encouraged women to speak out against violence in the homes as this will have a negative impact on our children as they grow up.  She urged women to support each other and be aware of what is happening around them. She also implored them to support women representatives in Parliament.

One of our group member Nothando Musesengwa, a qualified solicitor, and a young business woman shared her personal story on how she started her business. She encouraged women to be patient if the business venture does not do well in short time.   She said that women need to inspire, support and learn from each other in doing positive things that will improve our quality of life as we age in our new country.

Both women reiterated that women must be each other's keeper instead of pulling each other down. After the talks, the women had dinner and played music from each others countries.

Special thanks goes to Love Cover Protect, Kids Paradise, and Beyonce Hair Extentions, which sponsored the event.

- by Phillipa Muza, who leads African Women Collective - a group of African Women.