Platform launched for South Asian women

- a much needed once-a-month meeting-over-coffee club started this week in Canterbury to deliberate ideas for women empowerment

The Christchurch-based Indian Cultural Group(ICG) and Auckland-based community organisation based in Manukau, Sahaayta, came together last Saturday in Christchurch to launch a once-a-month meeting-over-coffee club. “Our goal is to focus on empowerment of South Asian women by providing a platform for women to come together and exchange life experiences.

Dianne Downward from Canterbury Interfaith Society and Sally Carlton from Human Rights Commission and CAB Settlement services were the guest speakers at the inaugural meeting,” informed Sandeep Sachdev, President of ICG. Sahaayta’s co-ordinator in Canterbury and facilitator of the coffee group Nimi Bedi noted that women coffee group meetings are an extension of Sahaayta – the delivery arm of South Asian Trust Incorporated - that provides holistic, culturally appropriate counselling and support services for individuals and families from the South Asian community in Auckland. The next meeting is scheduled on March 18, at the Hornby Community Centre.