Multiculturalism: Festival of Nations

(from The Migrant Times; the original story is here

- 47 nationalities were represented during the event held at Linwood College, Christchurch, on March 2 and 3

Richard Edmundson, Principal, Linwood College, noted, "This is the first time we are doing this, and with the response we have got, I am sure, the Festival of Nations will now be a permanent fixture in our College's annual calendar. Linwood College is, if not the most, then certainly one of the most multicultural colleges in the City. This is a celebration of that diveristy. If all schools in Christchurch can come together and organise something like this, it would be even better."

"..this is social studies in action.."

Apart from the Parade of Nations, there were ethnic food and craft stalls, workshops, multicultural lunch, and exhibition of international language movies. The grand finale was the three-hour long cultural show which had over 27 performances including from Samao, Phillipines, Nigeria, China, India, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Nepal.  

The festival was the brainchild of Navjot McCormack, Head of English Language Learning at Linwood College. "This is social studies in action. Over 700 students are participanting in the events spread across these two-days. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, and a lot from migrant and refugee families. This is our way of telling them that they belong here. I believe as educators, our responsibility extends beyond imparting knowledge. We need to make sure that these new Kiwis attain full membership in the Kiwi life."

(picture courtesy: Emily Whiteman/ Linwood College)