Market: Latino summer celebrations

The event had some fantastic latino music, food, arts and crafts; and the vibrancy of colourful hispanic culture. There were latino dance workshops by Latinzone, music being played by DJ Reuben, as well as a bar serving fantastic Latino cocktails.

Denise Lovato, President of the Asociacion Hispanica Aotearoa or Aotearoa Hispanic Association (AHA) informed, "The outdoor programme included a fire show and Spanish guitar performance by Sergi and Santiago. This time we also had a Merengue workshop byh Salsa Latina."

El Jaguar, who is hosting a City Bus Tour this month on Tuesdays and Fridays, based on

AHA was established in 2014 to promote Latin American and Spanish culture through offering activities and services in Canterbury.

"The Hispanic world is unified by its main official language, but it also represents a rich and complex and mix of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, political and religious practices which in certain regions span centuries of history," added Lovato, who is from Argentina and moved to New Zealand in 2002.