Canterbury Japan Day: 'Spring in Japan' was the theme this time

All pictures in this story are courtesy Surinder Tandon, President, Christchurch Multicultural Council.

Hosted by the Japanese Society of Canterbury and co-hosted by the Consular Office of Japan in Christchurch, with sponsorship form the Christchurch City Council, the annual Canterbury Japan Day proved to be a hit with all age-groups, with kids especially liking the Hina dolls retroduced this year. Thousands attended the event held on March 5.

Kazuhiro Matsuzaki, President of the Japanese Society of Canterbury, confirmed the total attendance of 14,500. "While the visitor number is similar to last year, this time, more visitors seemed to have stayed longer and involved themselves in multiple activities. To that extent, that some food stalls were sold out their food by 3pm. People looked having fun, which was the main thing."

"We had a record number of VIP attendance with 40 dignitaries present this year," he added.

 Hinamatsuri - Doll's Day, is celebrated on March 3 throughout Japan
 Christchurch Mayor Dalziel and Japanese Ambassador to New Zealand Toshihisa Takata beating the rice dough for mochi