Diverse thinking is needed to generate successful businesses in NZ: Superdiversity Institute

(picture caption: Rob Campbell, Chair of Skycity Entertainment Group, addressing the gathering; also seen are Finance Minister Grant Robertson, Mai Chen of Superdiversity Centre, and Minister for Ethnic Communities Jenny Salesa)

The Diverse Thinking Capability Audit of New Zealand Boardrooms 2018, released last week by Mai Chen, Founder and Inaugural Chair of the Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business, has emphasised how diverse thinking around the board table is essential to improving the performance of companies and organisations.

The report launched by Finance Minister Grant Robertson, gathers insights, guidance and advice from over 60 top Chairs, Directors, and governance professionals about how best to attract, retain, and leverage diverse thinkers in the best interests of the company or organisation.     
“The report is also a call to experienced directors to lead for more diverse thinking in boardrooms in the best interests of the organisation. It explains what ‘diverse thinking’ really means for governance, how to increase diverse thinking, the predictors of diverse thinking beyond gender and ethnicity, and how to create a diverse thinking Boardroom culture and governance practice for peak performance and better decision making,” noted Chen. 

Rob Campbell, Chair of Skycity Entertainment Group, added, “New Zealand is going to be more multicultural, building upon our solid bi-cultural foundation. This report will be useful to anyone of goodwill and challenging to anyone who is a ‘diversity denier’.”

Justine Smyth, Chair of Spark Board, also shared how her company is continuously rewarded by making insightful decisions due to having a very diverse board.

On his part, Peter Griffiths, Chair of Z Energy, called it a “absolute seminal report”. 

More details at www.superdiversity.org/reports