Stop education trafficking: The man on a mission - Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand Jesus S. Domingo

Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand Jesus S. Domingo is definitely not your everyday diplomat. Unlike other ambassadors, he makes it a point to interact with the Filipino community all across New Zealand continuously. In one of his earlier interviews to this newspaper, he talked about putting in place measures to stop "education trafficking". He also pointed how "unscrupulous education advisers are engaging in education trafficking". On his recent trip to the Garden City, he elaborated on those steps.

"We are putting in place long-term and interim measures. Firstly, we are coming up with a register for licensed education advisors, similar to what exists for immigration advisors now. This will make regulating and punishing offenders easy compared to what it is now. Secondly, we are signing MoUs with various PTEs, and developing a voluntary code of conduct for everyone to follow. In the interim, we are also in talks with New Zealand authorities, to put in place a declaration in the student visa application ensuring that the applicant clearly understands coming to NZ for studies is not a sure shot pathway to residency."    

 Gathering at the post arrival orientation seminar organised by the United Network of Migrants, and Migrante Aotearoa in Christchurch on March 26. Representatives from First Union (Paul Watson), and Ashburton's first district councillor of Philippine origin Thelma Bell, also attended the event.