Property: Help for the Indian community in buying the first home

(from The Migrant Times; the original story is here

Christchurch-based social organisation Indian Cultural Group have tied up with Loan Market and organised a free seminar on April 10 titled, Christchurch Indian First Home Buyers Seminar, to help the Indian community understand the new lending policies of various banks in New Zealand.

Nathan Miglani, from Loan Market, who will be conducting the seminar along with a lawyer and real estate agent, informed, “This is timely as with recent tightening of rules, it has become challenging to either build or buy a house with low deposits. The community has felt a need for something like this, and we responded. We will cover every thing related to buying or building a house in this seminar including the application process, budget calculations, types of deposits, pre-approval requirements, finding the right property, as well as the difference between ‘Turnkey’ and ‘Progressive Build’.”