OWDSocks launched

(from The Migrant Times; the original story is here https://themigranttimes.org.nz/stories/2016/8/28/owdsocks-launched?rq=launched)

A new campaign called “OWDSocks”, seeking to raise awareness and eliminate all forms of discrimination in New Zealand - including but not limited to culture, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disability - was launched on June 25, 2016, at the Multicultural New Zealand’s annual general meeting in Auckland.

"it's ok to be different"

OWD stands for ‘Opportunities without Discrimination.

While ‘socks’ is reference to the simple way Kiwis can support the campaign - everyone is encouraged upload pictures of themselves wearing odd socks on social media and use #OWDSocks. According to Multicultural New Zealand, the campaign has a simple but powerful message, "It’s OK to be different."

Meanwhile, during the AGM, Alexis LewGor was reelected as the President of the NZ Federation of Multicultural Councils, Vijeshwar Prasadas Vice-President, Nirmala Nand as the Secretary, and Dinesh Tailor as the Treasurer.