'Living Planet': Three-day forum to look for sustainable solutions

"The Living Economies Expo is an event recognising the interconnection of all major global issues around the driving force of our dysfunctional debt-based money system. The event will showcase examples of people doing things differently, creating healthy solutions, demonstrating what is possible, what gives hope and direction to our communities and country. Through the momentum of this event we hope to seed systemic change," says Margaret Jefferies, member of the Living Economies Trust Board, the main organiser of the event. Jefferies is also the chairperson of Project Lyttelton.

“This is the first-ever gathering of people who are looking at alternative ideas for building a nation which respects the living planet; whose people enjoy fair land tenure, good housing, good health, wholesome food, a rewarding livelihood, free education, a compassionate justice system, and an adequate income: a country with an inclusive democracy grounded in vibrant communities. It will also provide a forum to bring policy makers and grass-roots communities together. Our main goal is to kick-start a conversation around systematic change. It's not a talkfest. Rather a deliberation of ideas. Hopefully, it will become an annual affair. After this, we intend to plan road-shows across New Zealand to spread the word about living economies.”

Highlights of the event include:

  • Margaret Jefferies - "Lyttelton as a Living Economy"

  • Gar Alperovitz - "The Next System"

  • Niki Harré - "The Infinite Game: How to Live Well Together"

  • Matthew Slater - "Reflections on New Zealand"

  • Margaret Jefferies - "Introduction to Open Space"

  • Bronwyn Hayward - "Citizenship for a Living Economy"

  • Gary Williams - "Democracy and Community Governance and Decision Making"

  • Thamina Ashraf - "Waqf, Endowment"

  • Nafeez Ahmed - "The Crisis of Civilisation"

  • Panel Discussion, Nicole Foss, Phil Stevens, Raf Manji, Daryl Taylor "Policies that encourage and facilitate"