Libraries: 40 years of the Special Needs Library in Chch

Christchurch Special Needs Library is a lending resource, which provides over 3,500 educational and therapeutic resources for enriching learning experiences and promote development of people – both adults and children - with special needs - intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, behavioural or social - in the community.

Some examples may be language development, numeracy, fine and gross motor skills.

Another important contribution that the Library does is to act as a resource centre for researcher and students studying the field of special needs.

The Library was established in 1976.

“We welcome children and adults with special needs or anyone supporting them to join the Special Needs Library. We welcome general families also and schools wishing to use our resources,” says the Library on its website.

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Toy Library Federation of NZ

Another kind of libraries are the toy libraries spread across New Zealand, all of which combine to form the Toy Library Federation of NZ. Such libraries offer a range of quality toys, puzzles, games and learning activities for members to hire for a set period of time, catering for children 0-8 years.

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