Ethni-cities: an effort to identify the travails of a newly-emerging multicultural New Zealand

Some observe to comprehend, while others gain insight by critiquing. Whatever mode we fancy, we end up reflecting on the issue at hand, which subsequently enriches our understanding. This is especially so when it comes to residing in a multicultural environment where we need to improve our understanding of every culture around us, to cohabit peacefully, in an equal and just society.

‘Ethni-cities: At the Crossroads of Culture’ is a collection of articles that seeks to identify the travails of a newly-emerging multicultural nation, namely NZ. These articles were originally published by Indian Weekender, under a column by the same name. Since Indian Weekender predominantly caters to a Kiwi-Indian readership, the observations, criticisms and suggestions primarily emerge from the point of view of the said community. However, if we look at the bigger picture, these reflections can very well be applied to the multicultural fabric of any metropolitan city on the globe. Even as we aspire to embrace diversities, we want to preserve the unique heritage of each culture. And that’s when we end up segregating rather than integrating with our neighbours.

This ebook can be downloaded from Amazon and a dollar from each download of the book will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organisation that provides accommodation to families of children who are seriously ill and admitted in hospitals across NZ.

- Paula Ray

(From Kolkata to Leeds, from Mumbai to London, and then from Pune to Auckland, Paula has been fortunate to experience a substantial cultural diversity along the way. Either as a mature student in Leeds and later in Auckland, or as a journalist across three continents, she had often walked up to random strangers and struck a conversation that led to lifelong friendships. As a communications professional, what has stunned her is the staggering range of opinions that she encountered from each culture she interacted with. Her passion is presently fed by her zeal to educate international students on the Kiwi way of living. For further details, please write to

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