A passionate advocate

(caption for the above picture: Labour MP Ruth Dyson delivering the key note address at the White Ribbon Commemoration organised by the Shakti Ethnic Women's Support Group in Christchurch on November 17)

What she said:

"I am a competent confident New Zealand-born Kiwi woman. Yet, I too stayed in a violent relationship for six years. Thus, I can feel what all domestic violence victims feel. I also understand why some women choose to stay in a violent relationship. First - is the feeling of guilt. That somehow women start believing it's their fault. Second - is the shame of explaining to everyone why they put up with such abuse. Third - is after a while women loose confidence and their sense of individuality. Fourth – is hope. Hope that things will change. Hope that the man will realise his mistake. That's why organisations such as Shakti do such an amazing job. This is a cross-party issue and I believe the Justice Minister Amy Adams is doing a good job handling it."